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Martian Fire USB Arc Lighter

Martian Fire USB Arc Lighter

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We've all been there before with candle lighters when they run out of fuel, you can never seem to refill them back to normal with those fiddly fuel canisters you have to poke a small straw into the refill hole and turn upside down, only to mess up the lighter and it never works normal ever again!

No More. Our clean energy USB rechargeable ARC lighters means that it will always refill with no problems at all. Flameless operation means no polluting the air around you, and it's much safer.

Our special double locking safety system beats all others on the market, ensuring safety for all users and critters who might somehow get hold of it accidentally.

The windproof arc flame will light in any conditions, even in rain, and the long handle will make it easy for you to reach deep into those candle pits for lighting.

Product comes in a gift box with a micro USB charging cable and instructions. It's a perfect gift for just about anyone.

DOUBLE SAFETY LOCK FEATURE - twice as safe as all other lighters on the market. Other lighters have a weak safety system which can easily be used by children. OURS has a very secure double safety lock to ensure children can’t accidentally switch it on.

CHARGE INDICATORS - a set of led lights show how much charge is left on the battery, so you know when you need to keep it charged up. No other lighter has this feature.

SMART POWER CONTROL - this will automatically switch off the lighter if you press longer than 10 seconds. This feature protects the battery life and also makes the product more efficient and safe.

FAST CHARGING - this lighter has the latest battery and charging technology and will go from completely empty to fully charged in just under 2 hours.

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